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NM Collector Software can be branded to help you raise funding for your organization whether it be profit or non-profit.  Your logo and your name can be added to the product for distribution to your members or customers.  

Current branded editions:

CMP Edition CMP Splash CMP Main CMP About
FFL123 Edition FFL 123 Splash FFL 123 Main FFL 123 About
USA Carry Edition USA Carry Splash USA Carry Main USA Carry About

Product can then be distributed through on-line downloads or in the form of USBs or CDs which can then be purchased in bulk at a discount price that will be the same for any distributor.  I will not undersell distributors because I will only sell to individuals at the full retail price.

The activation only option works like this:

  1. I brand the software to make it yours. Details can be worked out. 
  2. I create a site with your custom downloads and a link to a paypal site that I set up for you.
  3. I track your sales and send you a quarterly report with a royalty check of $10.00 for every sale of your branded version of the software.
  4. We can work other arrangements if you want to add it to your own e-commerce site.

Please contact Clay Pryor ( Contact Us ) for more information.


Last Revised: January 29, 2013

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