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This project has been placed on hold until adequate funding can be gathered.

If you want to help fund this project (for as little as $4.00 which entitles you to a free copy of the software when it is released) please see my kickstarter project!

The information listed below was valid and up to date at the time the project was placed on hold.

View a Demo Video of the Beta iOS NM Collector Software.

Screen Captures

 Guns in Grid  Guns In List  
 ID Screen  Receipt Screen
 Disposition Screen  Add Pics
 Pictures Screen  

NM Collector for the iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad)!

This is the home page for the NM Collector iOS applications. Through the years many people have requested mobile versions of NM Collector Software including a set for the iOS.  After completing versions of NM Collector Software for the Android I started working on iOS versions.

The intent of these applications is to work in conjunction with the Desktop version of NM Collector Software which makes it easy to input data.  That data can then be easily transferred to your mobile device to take with you and make minor adjustments  (like easily adding pictures) as necessary on the go and then uploading the changes back to the desktop.  Although the mobile apps allow you to enter data from scratch, they are not meant to be the primary means of data entry.

These applications are meant to be simple and straight forward to use with only the features necessary to help collectors easily track their items. They will be upgraded as features that add value are requested. 

iOS NMGuns Beta now available for testing!

You can get the beta two ways.  You can use iTunes or TestFlight.  It's your choice how you want to do this. You can contact me at

Please find instructions for each choice below:

Suggested usage:

  1. Export Firearms data from NM Collector Software using File > Export > to Android CSV.  (yes, use Android for now until I can update the desktop software to reflect iOS as well).
  2. Copy resulting AndroidNMGuns.csv file and related picture folders to your iOS device. 
  3. Start NmCollector on your iOS device.
  4. Delete any sample data that you do not want.
  5. Import your firearms by clicking the "Import" button.
  6. Make whatever changes you want.  Add pictures.
  7. Export your updated firearms data by clicking the "Export" button.
  8. Copy resulting AndroidNMGuns.csv file and related picture folders to your desktop computer.
  9. Import the updates into your NM Collector Software firearms using File > Import > from Android CSV.

Known Issues with iOS Beta!

Before making suggestions please review the known issues below.  Thanks!

Please send me your feedback!

You can reach on my contact me page or comment through TestFlight, or comment in one of the many forums that I will be requesting help from. Links to those forum discussions are here.
Please keep in mind the primary purpose of this project is to give NM Collector Software users the ability to export their data to their iOS devices, make minor adjustments from those devices, and re-import their data back into NM Collector Software. It is not meant to be an all new stand alone application. So, a familiarity with NM Collector Software will benefit any reviewers.


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