About Version 4.0

For years I resisted complying with the Apple recomended Mac deployment structure. I resisted because that structure makes it harder to share the same data across different platforms on the same USB. However, with the release of Sierra OS X I had to conform.

Prior to Sierra OS X the Apple recommended structure has been optional and NM Collector Software has worked just fine on Macs even though I ignored it. However, when Sierra was released NM Collector Software stopped working on Sierra. This forced me to reconfigure my deployment model and rewrite NM Collector Software to conform to Apple's required deployment structure while retaining the ability to access the exact same data on any operating system when sharing data across platforms.

The main change is where the data and other resources are located. They have to buried within the Mac application which makes it harder for end users to find it. In addition to forcing me to rewrite the program to access this data and other reaources, it also makes it harder for a user for a user of the program to backup just the data. It is easier now just to back up the entire NM Collector Software installation directory. That is the preferred approach to backup anyway.

These changes also made it more difficult to generate Windows installers. That is not really a problem because NM Collector Software does not really have to be "installed" like many programs. All you have to do is copy it to some location on your computer and run it directly from there. You can create shortcuts to your desktop or other locations if you want but that is not necessary.

To migrate from earlier versions of NM Collector Software, simply do the following:

  1. "install" the new version to a location other than where your current version resides.
  2. Delete the nmcswDB folder from the NM Collector Software JE\nmCollectorJE.app\Contents\Resources folder. You must delete this folder. You will break the application if you just copy over it in the next step.
  3. Copy the following from the old location to the new NM Collector Software JE\nmCollectorJE.app\Contents\Resources folder
    • nmcswDB - this is your database
    • app.props - this contains some of your database configuration settings
    • configuration.props - this contains your look and feel customizations
    • branding.props - contains branding options


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