How to Run NM Collector Android Software on Select Chromebooks

Using one of the select Chromebooks setup for access to the Google Play Store I was able to download, install and run my NM Collector Android Apps on my Chromebook. Following the detailed instructions from Google, I was able to setup my Chromebook to access the Google Play Store. Once it could access the Play Store it was simply a matter of locating and installing my NM Collector Android Apps. So far it has been working flawlessly. It is really nice to have a mouse and a keyboard!

Following are some screen captures. Click on an image to expand it.

Asus Flip Chrome Book - External View

Screen and Keyboard

Login Screen

OS Version - must be 53 or greater

Enable Google Play Checked

Play Store and NM Collector Applications Present

NM Home Listing With Sample Data

NM Home Main Page For a Selected Item

NM Home Pictures Page For a Selected Item