Install NM Collector Software


Any collection any platform ... Windows, Mac and Linux

You can install to any location on your computer including a USB Flash drive. The USB option allows you to use the software on all of your computers no matter the operating system - giving you a truly portable software option.

"Installation" Instructions: After downloading, extract the contents to your USB Flash Drive or computer Here is Installation To USB Video that demonstrates the process.

Recommended Best Practice: It is best to copy the software from the USB flash drive to your main computer's hard drive and run it from there rather than directly from the USB flash drive. It will run substantially faster from a hard drive than from a USB flash drive.

You can then back up your data to the USB flash drive on a regular basis for safe keeping. You can still use the USB flash drive on any computer you want including those of friends and family if you choose to share your collection with them.

See How To Videos page for a tutorial on How to copy NM Collector Software to and from your hard drive and USB flash drive.