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NM Collector Software - JE Edition - Legacy


Any collection any platform ... Windows, Mac and Linux.

The current version is 4.0 and is available here

This page is for the old 3.0.1 version. This version is only recommended for Mac 32 bit systesms. All others should use the latest.

NOTE: To avoid data loss, please read the known issues page

License Agreement

Where to Start?

NM Collector Software is designed to be run directly off of a USB flash drive with no installation required on any computer!  To use it in this manner, simply download the USB option and extract the contents directly to your own USB flash drive. 

NOTE:  Recently I have confirmed two cases of USB flash drive failure.  I am happy to replace the flash drives but cannot replace your data.  Please backup your data frequently just in case.

For various reasons, some people prefer to run NM Collector Software from their computer's hard drive.  This can be achieved by copying the NM Collector Software files to their hard drive.  A suggested best practice is to run the program from your hard drive and copy the entire installation to a USB flash drive for backup.  This gives you the added benefit of being able to share your collection with others by running the program from any computer off of the USB flash drive!

However, not all files are required when running off of one operating system so separate Windows, Mac, and Linux downloads are offered for this reason.  Also, many Windows users want to run an installation program to use software from their computers.  For that reason the Windows download provides a windows installer.

So, where you start depends on how you intend to use NM Collector Software.  The following table provides instructions for each option.

Step by Step Process for each Option

Click the "Get ... Option" link to follow that option and see more detailed instructions.
USB (all Operating Systems)
 Windows Only
 Mac Only
 Linux Only
  1. (Download for USB)
  2. Extract Files (video)
  3. Run Program
  4. Enter Data
  1. (Download for Windows)
  2. Extract and Run Installer (video)
  3. Run Program
  4. Enter Data
  1. (Download for Mac)
  2. Extract Files
  3. Run Program
  4. Enter Data
  1. (Download for Linux)
  2. Extract Files
  3. Run Program
  4. Enter Data
Please contact me if you have any problems with installation.  I have successfully installed it on all Windows 32 and 64 bit systems as well as Mac and Linux so it should install on your system as well!  Thanks!

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