NM Collector Software JE (Java Edition) Knife Collecting Software

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Any collection any computer ... Windows, Mac and Linux.

Here are some actual screen shots of the Knife template in use:

Identification Tab ... Enter key identification information including bar codes.

Identification Tab

Description Tab ... Add key information to describe the item. Add additional fields if you wish. See the "More tab" below for additional custom fields.



Pictures Tab ... Add one or more pictures and Notes for each picture. More features will be added in the future for zooming and resizing.



Receipt Tab ... Enter who you acquired the item from, the date you acquired it and how much you paid for it. Include additional custom fields if you wish.



Disposition Tab ... Enter who you disposed the item to, the date you disposed of it and how much you were paid for it. Include additional custom fields if you wish.



More Tab ... Add even more custom fields.



Statistics Screen ... Review summary information and detailed information for each item. Double click any line to go to the corresponding item. Click a heading to sort by that column.  You can also export your data to Comma Delimited (MS Excel) and XML files from this page.    This picture shows Firearms selected but knives will show knife specific fields.



Sample Report ...

Sample Report With Pictures