Collection Types
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Manage Collection Types

Use this functionality to add, delete, or change Collection Types.

Manage Collection Types

You can edit values (other than the ID which is set for you and maintained by the system) by clicking a value within the table and typing within that cell.  The "Show in Tree" checkbox determines whether or not the Collection Type will be displayed in the tree.

The following is a description for each button:

Resynch - used to update the main tree view with your changes.  This will also happen automatically when you close the Collection Types window.

Export - use this button to export the selected collection.  You select a collection for export by clicking the name prior to clicking the Export button or from a drop down after you have clicked the Export button.  This can be used to share your collection type definition with others.

Import - use to import an exported collection type.  If the name of the imported collection type already exists it will be renamed prior to import so as not to over write your current definition.

Insert - use to create a new collection type.  Once created go to the main tabs to set the headings.

Delete - delete the selected collection type.

Print - print the table of collection types.

Close - close the Collection Types window.