Running NM Collector Software on “The Cloud”

Since NM Collector Software is built on Java it can be run from any drive on your computer without installation. This means you can copy it to a Cloud Drive, such as Microsoft OneDrive, which is mapped to your computer the same as a local hard drive and run NM Collector Directly from that drive.


If you run NM Collector on the cloud, you are storing your data on the internet so there are many things to keep in mind and some things that can go wrong. Below is a list of some operational limitations for you to consider if you choose to run NM Collector on “The Cloud.” This list is not comprehensive and does not include security issues which I leave up to you to investigate. This list is written from the Microsoft OneDrive perspective. Other cloud drives will have similar issues.

  • Use of Multiple Computers from OneDrive can produce unpredictable results. Once your desktop computer is synched with OneDrive it will operate as if the data is local. However, it will take time for your updates to upload to the cloud. If you run NM Collector on multiple computers from the same OneDrive the results can be very unpredictable due to the time it takes to synch the changes from the desktop computers to and from OneDrive.Recommendation: If you choose to access NM Collector on OneDrive from multiple computers …
    • Use only one computer at a time.
    • Ensure data from the last computer used is fully uploaded to OneDrive before using the next computer.
    • Ensure data from the next computer is fully synched from OneDrive before using NM Collector Software.
  • Updates to OneDrive can be slow. Depending on your internet connection and server loads it may take some time for your updates to be synched with OneDrive.Recommendation: Be patient and allow plenty of time for the system to work.
  • Results can be unpredictable. Running over the internet introduces more levels of complexity and unpredictability that could result in data loss or even database corruption.Recommendation: Regularly backup your data to minimize data loss in case something goes wrong.

Steps to setup NM Collector to run on “The Cloud”

  • Setup Microsoft OneDrive by following the instructions on the OneDrive site. 
  • Copy NM Collector Software to your OneDrive as you would use any other drive on your computer. 
  • Run NM Collector Software on your OneDrive as you would from any other drive on your computer.