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Since the new NM Collector Software JE (Java Edition) software uses a completely new and up to date standard for software development, deployment and maintenance environment that is independent of Microsoft proprietary products it can not directly use the data you entered in NM Gun Collector software.  To preserve the time you invested documenting your firearms collection in NM Gun Collector Software we provide a means for you to import your data from the proprietary NM Gun Collector Software database to the open NM Collector Software JE (Java Edition) database.  The details are covered on this page.


  1. These pages list the exact steps and tools required to do the job
  2. Other than the Data Migration Service listed below, due to expected high volumes, support for importing data from NM Gun Collector  will not be available.
  3. Since version 2.1.0, the import defaults to referencing pictures in the file system rather than loading them into the database.  This is for very large collections with lots of pictures per item.  You can switch to storing pictures in the database after the migration is complete.

Data Migration Steps:

  1. Download the NM Gun Collector Export program (XMLExport.exe) to your NM Gun Collector installation directory.  It has to go in the directory that contains your NM Gun Collector Software database (nmgcsw.mdb).  The default installation directory is [C:\Program Files\nmCollector] however, in Vista, you had to install it to a different directory to get it to work.
  2. Double click XMLExport.exe to run the NM Gun Collector Export program. 
  3. Click the Export button.  This will create a new [results] folder containing your exported data in your NM Gun Collector installation directory.
  4. Open NM Collector Software JE (Java Edition) and select File > Import > NM Gun Collector Data.
  5. Click the Import button.
  6. Navigate to the [results] folder created by the NM Gun Collector Export program (XMLExport.exe) and select it as the import source folder.
  7. Due to the current window size bug, you will not see the status of the import.  For now please just wait until the system tells you the import is complete.  this may take some time.  You will see the following message when the import is complete:
  8. When the import is complete, shut down and restart NM Collector JE.  Your NM Gun Collector data is now present.

Data Mapping:

Here is the mapping of fields that will be migrated from the old NM Gun Collector software to the new NM Collector Software JE (Java Edition) software.   A careful inspection will reveal slight changes and additions but all fields from NM Gun Collector are represented in NM Collector Software JE (Java Edition).

*NOTE:  The table below assumes the NM Collector Software JE (Java Edition) Captions are the defaults and have not been changed.

NM Gun Collector

NM Collector Software JE (Java Edition) *

Description Tab Identification Tab
 Bar Code  Unique ID
 Custom Tag No.  Custom Tag
 Manufacturer  Manufacturer
 Importer  Importer
 Model  Model
 Serial No.  Serial No.
 Type  Type
 Caliber Or Gauge  Caliber Or Gauge
 C and R?  Include in A&D Report?
 Description Tab
 Nationality  Nationality
 Metal Finish  Metal Finish
 C and R?  C&R?
 Stock/Grip Type  Stock or Grip Type
 Storage Location  Storage Location
 Appraised By  Appraised By
 Appraised Value  Appraised Value
 Current Value
 Insured Value  Insured Value
 Condition  Condition
 Head Space  Head Space
 Date Manufact  Date Manufactured
 Appraisal Date  Date Appraised
 Date Current Value
 Date Insured
 Condition Comments  Condition Comments
 Notes  Notes
Pictures Tab Pictures Tab
 Picture  Picture
 Date Taken  Date Picture Taken
 Picture Notes  Picture Notes
Receipt Tab Receipt Tab
 Purchase Price  Price
 Date  Date
 Business Name  Business
 Name  Name
 License Number  License Number
 Street1  Street1
 Street2  Street2
 City  City
 State  State
 Zip  Zip
Disposition Tab Disposition Tab
Sales Price  Price
 Date  Date
 Business Name  Business
 Name  Name
 License Number  License Number
 Street1  Street1
 Street2  Street2
 City  City
 State  State
 Zip  Zip
 I. D.  I. D.
 Alien Residency Documentation  Alien Residency Documentation
 D. O. B.  D. O. B.