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Create a Wish List

Demonstrates: Creation of a Wish List – within a Collection Type – using the Tree View

NOTE: An alternate approach would be to create a new Collection Type for Wish List (see Home Inventory Example for how to do that).

  1. Select the Collection Type for which you want to create a Wish List.

    Select Collection Type

  2. Click the Ins Button to add a new item.


  3. Type Wish List in the Unique ID field and click the Save button.

    Wish List

  4. With Wish List selected click the Ins Button again to add a new item to the Wish List.

    Ins again

  5. Fill out the information for the desired item. Use any and all appropriate tabs and fields.

    Enter info

  6. Continue to add items until your Wish List is complete (is it ever complete? ).

    Keep adding items

  7. If and when you get an item on your wish list simply drag and drop it to the appropriate location in the tree and fill out the additional information for the specific item.

    update data

Now you can continue to create new items and/or drag and drop any existing items to the new folders.

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