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Discontinued. Please see NM Collector CP

Version Notes


    * Enable you to select your own bar code font - not just the default which is currently no longer available for download. I will create a new bar code blog with details.

    * Added a few more usage hints that will appear if you hover your mouse over a blank section of the application screen.

    * Increased the number of digits available in currency fields. It seems some people use NM Collector software to manage collections of items with individual values in the millions of dollars range.

    * Updated the Maintenance Report to no longer truncate dates.

    * Change the Picture Path when pictures are stored in the database to indicate such.

    * Added an additional warning to encryption process noting that encryption cannot be undone.

    * Deleted Backup and Recovery menu items from Options menu. These were retired long ago. The best backup/recovery approach is to copy the entire application to a backup location.

    * Removed the File > Save to Disk menu option as it is not used.

    * Provide a popup (right click) in the tree view to allow you to quickly expand and collapse all items in the tree view.

    * Reworked many of the reports to correctly use the combination of "A&D" and "Include in Reports" options.

    * Corrected inventory reports to not include dispositioned items. It makes no sense to include items you no longer have in an inventory report.


    * Re-architected the Mac deployment structure to conform to current Mac standards. This required changes to Windows and Linux deployment structures as well so all can share the same data from a single USB.


    * Drag and Drop Pictures directly from file system. You can now drag and drop one or more pictures directly into the software!
    * Select Which Pictures Will Appear in Reports using a new “Include in Reports” flag for each picture. (New reports are available on the download page.)
    * New Links Tab which allows you to link to any document, picture or link on your desktop or on the web using drag and drop or manual edits. Selecting a row and clicking the “Open Link” button will actually open the source in whatever tool makes the most sense for the link and your computer. For my computer, html links are opened in Mozilla, PDF docs are opened by Adobe Reader, Word documents are opened with Open Office, and so on.
    * Copy and Paste to and from any notes field through a right click popup menu.
    * Simplified User Interface for those who do not want to confirm every change. NM Collector now saves every change automatically.
    * Clarified Confirmation Buttons for those who prefer the old User Interface functionality it is still available by unchecking [Options > Automatically Apply Changes]. “Keep” is renamed to “Apply” and “Write” is now “Save.”
    * Improved Font and Background Customization and field resizing to better accommodate small high resolution screens (such as Windows Surface Screens). If you have a small high resolution screen you can now set the fonts to a more readable size.
    * Added “Change All Fonts” Option to easily adjust the size of all fonts at once.
    * Make Editing of Captions Clearer by removing the border around each caption when not editing.
    * Resolved limited image size issues so you no longer have to resize most images.
    * Added Note Fields to Receipts and Dispositions Tabs.


    * Added Database Encryption option for those who prefer for the application to encrypt the database.
    * Reformatted the tree view buttons to make their functions more obvious. 


    * Added easy way to Brand Software.
    * Changed Splash Screen and About Screen for Branding. 


    * Fixed threading issue that was causing unpredictable results when collection types were hidden.
    * Fixed problem where second date in Description tab was not saving unless first date was present.
    * Tic (‘) marks grew exponentially when present.  Had to programmatically remove tics whenever present.
    * Reproportioned Find Window.


    * Export / Import Improvements
        – Empty dates are now blank rather than “empty.”
        – NMCSWID field is now optional.  However, it is required if pictures are to be imported.
        – Items are now imported in the same order as in the CSV file.
    * Fixed problem with Collection Type export that prevented templates from being imported.


    * Added more Export / Import options using a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file format which is Excel compatible.
    * The ability to export data to CSV.
    * The ability import data from any other system via a CSV file.
    * Android specific CSV interface for new Android NM Collector apps (available from the Android Market).
    * Modified the screen format to work better with lower resolution (as low as 1024 x 768) screen settings.
    * Reorganized buttons on some pages for consistency.
    * Reworked statistics exports for easier directory selection.
    * Renamed statistics exports to distinguish from other exports using new export features.
    * Fixed bug that was causing lost data when existing collection type was renamed after it had data. 


    * Fixed deletion of wrong Receipt, Disposition, Maintenance, Event, and Picture records when an item was deleted.
    * Removed unnecessary “Keep” warning when closing after keeping recent changes.
    * Adjusted field positions in Events tab.
    * Added wait indicator when changing collection type in Statistics window.


    * Fixed intermittent failure to write notes to file bug.
    * Changed “Save” in message asking if you want to “Save” your changes to “Keep.”
    * Add “Write” button on every page to make it easy to write to disk any time you want.
    * Reduced the default text size on tree view buttons to fix unix label truncation problem.
    * Added version number to load splash screen to make it easier to tell what version you have.


    * Major database performance improvements (see benchmark results)
    * Added pop up calendar option for all dates
    * Report Improvements
          o Display clear error message when a missing font causes a report to fail
          o Reports can now be saved to PDF and XLS formats
    * Added common calibers to Ammo template
    * Added status messages on shut down to discourage people from killing the program while it is writing data to disk! People have lost data by “force closing” the program in the past.
    * Provide the option to write data to disk without having to close the program
    * Added input length validation check for combo boxes
    * Added Java version check on start up


    * Clean up, reformat, and improve functionality of all List Edits Screens
    * Fixed bug with one insert right after another losing data from previous
    * Fixed issues with data not being saved unless tab was pressed after each entry


    * Clearly marked first field on Identification Tab as the Bar Code field
    * Improvements to Events tab
    * Improvements to Maintenance tab
    * Clean up, reformat, and improve functionality of Collection Types Screens
          o Fixed bug with one insert right after another losing data from previous
          o Fixed issues with data not being saved unless tab was pressed after each entry
    * Improved existing collection types by changing first [Bar Code] field to Unique ID
          o Ammo
          o Home Inventory
          o Whistles
    * Created new collection types for:
          o Licenses
          o Subscriptions
          o Recipes
          o Passwords
    * Created new reports to more easily report out on new collection types:
          o Simple Inventory (all Identification tab fields)
          o Simple Inventory with Notes (all Identification tab fields plus Description tab Notes fields)


    * Improvements to Tree View
          o Data no longer lost when you make changes to your data and then make changes to the Collection Types.
          o When you delete an item with other items indented below it the indented items below it no longer appear to be deleted.
          o When you try to indent the first indented item below another item the system no longer moves it to the bottom of the list of items.
          o When you try to outdent an item that is already as far outdented as it can go, the system no longer moves it to the bottom of the list of items.
          o Drag and drop several items one after the other then try to indent one of them no longer moves some of the items to the bottom of the list of items.
          o Scrollbar does not automatically center itself anymore.
    * Other Improvements
          o The items typed in field number 8 on the identification tab are no longer placed in the combo box of field number 2.
          o New icon for Mac.
          o Red x on find window no longer closes entire application.
          o Addressed Find and Help window sizing and formatting issues.


    * Loaded new collection type templates into default application
    * Cleaned up some of the existing collection type templates that had extra values in the drop down lists
    * Sort Collection Types by name in Manage Collection Types window
    * Fixed error when importing a new collection type due to incomplete deletion of collection types on computer that the collection type was exported from
    * Reorganized list edit screens to make them more intuitive
    * Fixed bug in list edit screens when no values present for drop downs – mostly happens with description drop downs


    * Performance improvements
          o Added Re-index database option to menu – this improves the performance of the database.
          o Eliminated some unnecessary operations.
          o Eliminated excess save warnings when data had already been saved.
          o Allow pictures to be stored in database or file system – storing pictures in the file system gives better performance for people with very large collections (500 or more items) with lots of pictures.
                + Created new set of picture reports for when pictures are stored in the file system rather than the database.
                + Provide mechanisms for migrating pictures from the database to the file system and vise-versa.
                + Provide a mechanism to move pictures from disperse locations in the file system to a the same directory as NM Collector Software. The ideal location is on a USB flash drive. That way the pictures are always available no matter what computer you are using.
                + Modified NM Gun Collector migration to default to storing pictures in the file system rather than the database.
    * Provide guidance for when help won’t load.
    * Disable statistics for free version.


    * Adjust Receipt and Disposition date width
    * Add date format note to date fields
    * Allow special characters to be saved to database
    * Allow dates to be cleared after entered
    * Save preferred picture display format
    * Remember last used picture path when adding pictures
    * Change “Prom” and “Dem” buttons to “<<<” and “>>>”
    * Remove excess items from Utilities menu
    * Add Bar Code fonts to USB distribution
    * Reverse order of Firearms imported from NM Gun Collector


    * Enhancements
          o Features
                + Added Maintenance, Events, and Data Sheet tabs
                + Allow import of existing collection type by automatically renaming new one
          o New Reports
                + Maintenance, Events, and Data Sheet reports
                + Various Insurance Reporting Formats
                + Inventory with Pictures and Notes
                + General Acquisition and Disposition for any collection type
                + Firearms A&D for all firearms
                + Blank Firearms A&D
                + Compressed Firearms A&D Reports
          o Usability
                + Reworked confirmation messages for clarity
                + Sped up initial load
                + Suppressed unnecessary data refreshes
                + Simplified process of making a new collection type based on existing collection
                + Added paste to ease activation of subscription for those who do not know how to use standard paste key sequence for their operating system
    * Bugs Fixed
          o Fixed “disappearing” picture problem – not really disappearing from the database but not loading properly when no longer in the original file location
          o Fixed missing “Demote” button on Mac
          o Fixed all A&D reports to properly handle multiple acquisitions and dispositions
          o Changes after initial Add of Pictures, Receipts, and Dispositions now save properly every time
          o All Reports except A&D no longer include dis-positioned items
          o ID 10 field now properly stores values
          o Can now rename an existing Collection Type without items getting orphaned
          o Can now hide an existing Collection Type and associated items will be hidden as well
          o Deleting a Collection Type will now also delete associated items.
          o Properly shuts down attempt to start when already running
          o NM Collector Data Import window no longer too small to see important fields
          o Renamed “status/Activate” menu item to “Status/Activate”
          o Fixed “Cancel” Image add results in crash
          o Improve “Image too large” error and provide guidance as to acceptable image size
          o Statistics Print is now readable – breaks up table across multiple pages
          o Resolved some problems when dealing with multiple Receipts, Dispositions, and Pictures


    * Fixed ID Field 9 not displaying.
    * Fixed Collection Types Import when collection type being imported already exists.
    * Added functionality to picture manipulation buttons.
    * Added XML and CSV export from Statistics window.
    * Faster Load – especially with large amounts of data.
    * Simplified Mac Install.
    * Simplified Windows Upgrade.


    * Fixed data not saved if too many characters entered in 32 character fields (including captions).
    * Re-sized fields on screens to better reflect character limits.
    * Added custom icon to window frames.
    * Fixed Find window size problems.
    * Enter key on find window now triggers “Find First.”
    * Enter key on Bar Code field triggers selection of that item.
    * Added picture resolution (size) check to eliminate problems caused by over sized pictures.
    * Fixed problem that caused some data not to be saved immediately after inserting a new item.
    * Changed default installation directory to remove Vista issues with “Program Files” directory.


    * Fixed intermittent update bugs that plagued Pictures, Receipts, Dispositions and drop down list values – This is the most important reason to apply this update for existing customers.
    * Rearranged buttons on Pictures, Receipts, and Dispositions to make them more intuitive.
    * Added Bar Code capability including new reports. This requires download of free IDAutomationHC39M Bar Code font from www.idautomation.com/fonts/free/ to see actual bar codes. Please comply with their license restrictions for their free bar codes.
    * Added direct access to many reports through the menu.
    * Improved backup and restore process.


    * Import data from NM Gun Collector
    * Add double click to go to item in Statistics
    * Enhanced Statistics with Receipt and Disposition fields
    * Added Find feature in tree
    * Added List edits for Receipt and Disposition
    * Fixed problem with Description list edit
    * Fixed reports problem

1.1, 1.2, 1.3 – minor upgrades

    * Fixed “Ins” button enabled when you could not insert
    * Fixed problem editing Description drop downs
    * Fixed items populating tree when collection type not visible
    * Fixed bug not allowing captions to be edited for new Collection Type
    * Added save/cancel check when changing tabs
    * Added Font Chooser (including font color)
    * Added Background Color Chooser
    * Added java and NM Collector JE versions to about window
    * Added a default value to tree when new item inserted

1.0 – Initial Release 

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