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Reports are an integral part of your collecting software solution.

NM Collector Software uses version 3.6.1 of JasperSoft iReport to develop reports. You can use it as well to develop your own reports against the NM Collector database. It’s up to you to learn how to use iReport to develop your own custom reports. However, I found connecting to the database to be the most confusing step with using iReport so, to help get you started, here are iReport Database Connection Instructions.

You need reports for insurance purposes, estate planning and requirements unique to your collecting interests. To that end a wide range of reports are provided and new custom reports can be requested. If you are handy with report development you can even generate your own using the free Open source iReports tool from JasperSoft.

All of the reports available at the time of the release are integrated into the reports menu using default parameters that make sense based on what collection you have active at the time you request the report.

For any reports developed between releases simply download them to your Reports folder in your NM Collector Software JE (Java Edition) installation directory and then open any of the available reports using Menu -> Reports -> Select Report for reports with no parameters or Menu -> Reports -> Select Report With Parameters for reports with parameters. For more information on loading parameters please see Basic instructions for reports with parameters.

Finally, when viewing a report you can save it in PDF, HTML, XML, XLS, CSV (MS Excel), ODT, and RTF formats.

Known Issue: Some Windows systems get an error that says Arial Narrow font needed to print a condensed report. This occurs because some systems do not have the Arial Narrow font installed. If you are getting this error, please download the Reports.zip file with the latest reports and extract the contents to your current Reports directory. Be sure to replace the old reports with the new reports from the Reports.zip file.

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