Android Collector Software

Through the years many people have requested a mobile version of NM Collector Software. Since Android apps are developed with Java as their native language, I decided it was worth the effort to create mobile Collecting Software applications for the Android. These applications are meant to be simple and straight forward to use with only the features necessary to help collectors easily track their items. They will be upgraded as features that add value are requested.


  • Pictures (load from camera, gallery, and SD card)
  • Thumbnails in Item List
  • Identification
  • Notes
  • Receipt
  • Disposition
  • Export / Import (can use to synch with desktop)
  • Duplicate (pictures and dispositions are not duplicated)
  • Sort
  • Filter (can be used to search for items)

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The intent of these applications is to work in conjunction with the Desktop Version of NM Collector Software which makes it easy to input data.  That data can then be easily transferred to your mobile device to take with you and make minor adjustments  (like easily adding pictures) as necessary on the go and then uploading the changes back to the desktop.  Although the mobile apps allow you to enter data from scratch, they are not meant to be the primary means of data entry.

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The Android versions of NM Collector have been available on Google Play and the Amazon Android Market (including versions for the Kindle Fire) since 2012.  One thing nice about the listings in the Amazon Android Market is that you can test drive them for free through your desktop computer browser! Just go to the Amazon Android Market NM Collector listings select one to try for free, and click the “Test Drive Now” link to see how it works.

Now Available on Select Chromebooks!

Google is enabling Android apps to run on Chromebooks so I had to explore this possibility for my Android Apps. I purchased one of the select Chromebooks and was able to download, install, and run my NM Collector Software Android apps on my new Chromebook.

How to Run NM Collector Android Software on Select Chromebooks

Using one of the select Chromebooks setup for access to the Google Play Store I was able to download, install and run my NM Collector Android Apps on my Chromebook. Following the detailed instructions from Google, I was able to setup my Chromebook to access the Google Play Store. Once it could access the Play Store it was simply a matter of locating and installing my NM Collector Android Apps. So far it has been working flawlessly. It is really nice to have a mouse and a keyboard!

Following are some screen captures. Click on an image to expand it.

Asus Flip Chrome Book – External View

Screen and Keyboard

Login Screen

OS Version – must be 53 or greater

Enable Google Play Checked

Play Store and NM Collector Applications Present

NM Home Listing With Sample Data

NM Home Main Page For a Selected Item

NM Home Pictures Page For a Selected Item