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Discontinued. Please see NM Collector Cross Platform


The current version is 4.0.2. The folder structure of 4.0 and beyond is different from previous versions in order to continue to support the latest Mac OS. These differences will affect the upgrade process when moving from versions earlier than 4.0 to later versions and is covered in the instructions below.

Please read the known issues page and backup your data frequently while using this or any database program!

NM Collector Cross Platform USB

New installs are no longer supported.

The instructions below are for current users only.

  1. Download free evaluation of NM Collector Software JE from our eCommerse site.
  2. Extract contents from downloaded file (zip).
  3. Start entering data.

Download Notes


This software is signed with an Apple "Known Developer" certificate. Until recently this was good enough to run on any Mac after download. However, Apple recently changed the rules and that is not enough. They now require additional structural changes in order to allow a downloaded app to run on Macs. Currently these additional restrictions do not seem to apply to the software when it is pre-installed on a USB and then delivered in that form rather than downloaded.


This software is signed with a standard Comodo Code Signing Certificate. In the past that was adequate to allow it to be run on Windows. Apparently, these days, that is not enough for Microsoft Windows Defender. Microsoft now requires time for a newly signed application to "establish a reputation" before they allow it to be run without user intervention. There is no telling how long that will take. As an alternative, a Comodo Extended Evaluation Code Signing Certificate can be purchased for an additional cost that I am not willing to pay at this time.

Until Microsoft decides enough people have downloaded and used this software you will see the following message when you first run it after downloading it.

Windows Defender Message

If you are willing to trust us, please click the "More Info" link and choose "Run Anyway" to run the software. You will not see this message again after that and you will be helping to build the reputation of the software for future users.

Upgrade Instructions

If you are upgrading and have already captured data in the old program, you need to migrate that data to the new location following these instructions. This will also migrate your activation if you have activated the software.

To upgrade you will want to rename your old installation directory and then download and extract the new version. After that copy your current database (the folder named nmcswDB - yes it is a complete directory not just a single file) from the renamed old installation to the new installation. The database contains your data and your registration. Detailed instructions will depend on your operating system and your current deployment location (where you currently run the application).

Here is an example of how I did it on my windows computer running the software on my hard drive. My deployment location is C:\NMCollectorJE\ so I will reference C:\ as [installationDirectory] in the instructions below.

  1. Rename [installationDirectory\NMCollectorJE] to [installationDirectory\NMCollectorJE_old].
  2. Download free evaluation of NM Collector Software JE from our eCommerse site.
  3. Extract the contents of the download (NMCollectorJE.zip) to [installationDirectory].
    • How you extract the contents depends on your computer and operating systems.
    • In windows 10 you can right click the NMCollectorJE.zip file and select open in a new window.
    • When the new window opens, you can then drag and drop the NMCollectorJE folder to your deployment location. In my case that is C:\ however, you could copy it to a USB flash drive or any location of your choosing.
  4. Delete [installationDirectory\NMCollectorJE\NMCollectorJE.app\Contents\Resources\nmcswDB]. This step is important in order to ensure a clean copy of your data into the upgraded application.

    This is a screen capture of the 4.0 and later location. new nmcswDB folder location

  5. If you are upgrading from a version that is less than 4.0, copy the nmcswDB folder located in your old installation directory to the \NMCollectorJE.app\Contents\Resources\ folder in your new installation directory. Also copy the app.props and branding.props files. These are essential if you have encrypted your database. Here is a screen capture of the nmcswDB folder in our old installation directory. If you have activated the software, this will also bring over your activation to your new installation.

    This is a screen capture of the pre 4.0 location. old nmcswDB folder location

  6. If you are upgrading from a 4.0 or greater, Copy nmcswDB
    • from [installationDirectory\NMCollectorJE_old\NMCollectorJE.app\Contents\Resources]
    • to [installationDirectory\NMCollectorJE\NMCollectorJE.app\Contents\Resources]
  7. If you have encrypted your database, please also copy the app.props file from the old nmcswDB location to the new nmcswDB location. It will be in the same folder in which you found the nmcswDB folder.

  8. For Windows, update any shortcuts on your desktop to point to the new installation location. Below we show you our old shortcut and our new shortcut.

    Old shortcut.

    old shortcut

    New Shortcut.

    new shortcut

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