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NM Collector Software for Small Government Agencies

Recently I was contacted by an officer with a police department in a small Indiana town. He asked me if I would be willing to donate a copy of NM Collector Software to their PD to help them manage their firearms and ammunition. Since NM Collector Software is designed with the private collector in mind, it is not designed for high volumes (greater than 500 items per collection type) so I was concerned about how many items this small PD would be managing. Once I understood that NM Collector Software has more than enough capacity for them I was happy to donate a free activation.

In fact, supporting small municipal police departments is so appealing to me that I would like to make NM Collector Software activations available for free to all small government agencies with less than 500 items per collection type to manage. It occurred to me that small government agencies might want to track more than just guns and ammo. They could use my software to manage vehicles (including maintenance – please see collection templates page for download and instructions) or even small museum inventories. Granted, a museum can quickly exceed 500 items but perhaps they could break their inventory up into different collection types and manage each collection type separately.

Please help me get the word out by sharing this information with other small government agencies. I do not mind how you share this information including any electronic means available to you. I would like to get the word out to all small government agencies that might be interested in this offer.

How to request a copy for your small government agency

Please Contact Me to request a free activation for your agency. In the body of the request, please provide the following information:

The activation will be sent to the agency email address that you provide in your request. Since I will have to manually enter this activation in my database it will take longer to go out than my automated PayPal system takes for a purchased activation.

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