Movie Catalog?

I can easily create a template for a movie manager. I just create a new collection type and define the required fields for all my movies. However, I am not really a movie collector so I do not understand what fields would be required. Also, it seems like it would be reasonable to integrate with the on-line IMDB. It is free for non-commercial use so a user of my software should be able to access the data for free but I do not know if it would be a violation of their license agreement if I provided the access.

So, what do you think? What would you suggest? I am enabling comments to get your feedback. I will review for spammers before allowing the content to be displayed.

Please drop me a line so I can decide whether or not to pursue more advanced features for movie catalog software or just use my standard templates.

One thought on “Movie Catalog?”

  1. A movie manager would be good, especially if you can scan in barcodes and have it fill in all the info.
    While this is a bit outside your question, (but an easy way to contact you) I am also looking for something too catalog my diecast collection as well. Another popular one is Coca-Cola stuff.
    I think if you were to ad a barcode tool, it would be easy to use with any collecton of stuff manufactured since barcodes and upc codes became common. Thanks.

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