Getting Help

Getting help is as easy as A B C
A Review the Known Issues page for the problem you are experiencing.
B Follow these step-by-step instructions if you cannot figure out how to enter data.
C For additional help, please consider the following suggestions:


Do Read the Printable User Manual.
Re Look through these Examples.
Me Read this page!

How Do I Start Entering Data?

Since NM Collector Software is so powerful, it can be a little hard to figure out at first. Therefore, the most commonly asked question is”How do I start entering data?” This question is answered this video and on this page of step by step instructions with screen captures. It may not initially be intuitive because the User Interface allows you to do the following:

  • Manage multiple types of collections in one interface – therefore you must select the collection that you want to work with in the tree view.
  • Customize most fields in every collection type.
  • Associate items (like accessories) with their “parent” items.

Once you understand the capability it should become obvious how it works.

“Installation” from USB Flash Drive – No Installation Required!

When you run NM Collector from a USB flash drive there is no need to install it since it can be run directly from the USB Flash Drive.

The software is designed to run from wherever it is located without any installation.  You run it from different locations on the same computer or different computers by simply copying the application files from one location to another.   Here is a video that shows you how to do it on Windows.  The concept is the same for Mac and Linux – you just use their copy mechanisms.  If you don’t know how to copy files with your operating system that is something that would be worthwhile to learn!

Run Database Application On A Mac!

Here is a screen capture of this on a Mac (depending on your system configuration, you may not see the “.app” extension. In that case look for something that looks like this without the “.app” extension and that your Mac tells you is an application):

mac screen capture

Best Practice

The best practice is to run the software from a single desktop computer and copy it to your USB Flash Drive for backup and, if desired, to share with others or to run on other computers. This helps to ensure that you keep your data in sync across all computers and works as a great backup mechanism as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: How do I start NM Collector Software on the Custom USB Flash Drive?
Answer: Run in accordance with computer as listed below:

  • Windows:  Run NMCollectorJE6.exe
  • Mac:  Run
  • Linux:  Issue the following command:  java -jar NMCollectorJE6.jar

Question: Why can’t I enter data?  All of the fields appear to be disabled.
Answer: You need to select a collection type and then insert an item or edit an existing item already in the collection.  Please see the Create a Wish List example to see how this works.

Question: Why can’t I copy and paste?
Answer:  Please see following links on how to copy/paste for your operating system:

Question: How do I install and run NM Collector Software on my Mac?
Answer: I created the following step by step instructions.  Please carefully follow them!  Thanks.

Question: How do I copy NM Collector Software from one computer to another?
Answer:  You can copy your entire NM Collector Software directory to any computer you want to run it on – no need to install it on the new computer.  Then, to update the data only from one system to the other just copy the database (nmcswDB) between computers.  Please be careful not to overwrite more recent data with older data!  [Note – you must use the USB version of the software to run on multiple operating systems using the method described above]

Question: Why is NM Collector Software behaving strangely on my 64 bit Windows system?
Answer:  Most likely you are not running the correct Java for your Windows system.  Please see these detailed instructions for Java on 64 bit Windows Systems:

Question: How do I import my data from NM Gun Collector software?
Answer:  Please see Import Data From NM Gun Collector

Question: Will NM Collector Software meet the approval of a BATFE C&R FFL inspection?
Answer: Given the new BATFE requirements for alternate records  (found here) the answer is “no”.  However, given the BATFE definition for a “Bound Book”(found here) you can print a C&R report from NM Collector Software and assemble the pages to make up your bound book.  Further, the rulings listed above may change at any time.  It is up to you to keep track of the latest BATFE rulings and make your own decision as to the suitability of this software for your purposes.

Question: When I use my USB flash drive in a computer other than the one I originally stored my pictures on the pictures go away.  I store my pictures on the USB flash drive.  However, the drive letter changes on different computers.
Answer: You can manually set your USB drive letter so that it is the same on any computer.  Search for “assign drive letter” to find instructions on how to do it for your operating system!

Here are a few One Time Complaints that I have received that might be helpful to others

Complaint: This is a worthless piece of software.   I completely removed it from my system and refuse to use it any more because it won’t allow me to print reports.  I can see them but I cannot print them.  What good is that?  I wish I had never purchased this lousy software!  My gut feelings told me not to.  I should have listened to my gut! 

Answer:  Of course you can print the reports.  There is a little printer icon in the upper left corner.  Just click it to print the report!  There is also a save icon that can be used to save the report in many formats including PDF!  Give it a try!  [Hint:  I’m working for a perfect application but I am not there yet!  Please contact me if you are having problems – preferably before you get so frustrated that you start to bad mouth NM Collector Software!  Believe me, I want to help you AND improve my product.]

Complaint: I am getting an error when I try to print the bar code reports.  What is wrong?

Answer:  The bar code reports require that the bar code font be installed on your system.  Please ensure you have installed the Free Code 39 Bar Code Front from in accordance with their instructions.