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Knife Collection Template

As a child growing up in the early 60’s knives to me were a toy. My grandfather gave me an old Case pocket knife that I used mostly for whittling points on sticks. I learned the basic rule to always cut away from me. Dare I say later in life some carving experts informed me that there are certain circumstances under which you should cut towards yourself but I am uncomfortable with that.

When I was in third grade my family moved to a small farm (if you can call 10 acres a farm). Suddenly y knife became a tool around the farm as well as a toy. A few years later I joined the cub scouts and my mother bought me a real Boy Scout Knife. In Webelos we started going on camping trips where we found lots of uses for those knives while camping and fishing. I’m quite sure, however, that I did not get all of the intended usage from that knife. I mostly used the long blade. Nevertheless, it piqued my interest in Swiss Army Knives so someone gave me one of those as a Christmas present one year. I felt it was cheap with its plastic handle when compared to the old world craftsmanship of my other knives at the time!

Throughout my childhood years I envied the Buck knife but did not own one until I was an adult. That was the ultimate long blade folding knife. Not only was it useful with that sturdy sharp blade but it was beautiful as well with that hardwood and brass handle. By the time I got one I really had no use for it except to admire its beauty.

Much later in life, I went with my pre-teen son to a knife and tomahawk throwing competition. That was an eye opening experience for both my son and I. Not only was it amazing to see those knives being thrown, it was also entertaining to see the competitors dressed like mountain men and women. Of course, after that, my son and I had to have a knife and a tomahawk of our own! We scrounged up a couple of cut cottonwood tree stumps and set them up in the back yard for practice. We learned it was more difficult to throw those and make them stick than it looked!

These days I have a few knives in my knife collection including that Buck knife, Throwing knife, and Tomahawk. I often look at knives at gun shows but the prices for old originals like I like seem high to me. I guess I am still stuck in the 60’s expecting 60’s prices.

Unlike my brother-in-law, who is a true knife collector, I never got into tactical knives. In addition to many classic knives he inherited from his father and grandfather, he is also quite interested in military and police knives. To me they are like ARs of the knife world. They certainly have their place, and are the best tool too have in certain circumstances, but I guess I am still drawl to old world craftsmanship.

Finally, I am not much of a cook (thanks to my wife spoiling me) but I do like a quality cooking knife set! Unfortunately, so far at least, we have to settle for a low quality set because that price factor comes into play again. I just can’t see spending hundreds of dollars on cooking knives. Maybe it is time to upgrade to a medium quality set!

Here are some actual screen shots of the Knife Template in use

I added a knife collection template to the NM Collector database software for those who are more into knife collecting than I am. These are fields that I think would be useful for managing your knife collection but they can be easily changed to suit your needs.

Identification Tab … Here you can enter key identification information including bar codes. With the right barcode font installed on your computer, the bar codes can be used quickly find the information of a particular knife by to scanning a bar code on a label attached to the knife. Other useful fields of course include a Unique ID and Custom Tag that you come up with. These are both optional fields but seem to be popular with collectors. Other than that you can capture key information used to identify each knife like manufacturer, model, type, serial number, model number, pattern number, pattern name and number of blades.

Knives Identification Tab

Description Tab … Add key information to describe the item. It is sometimes hard for me to distinguish which fields belong in the Identification tab and this tab. I like to think of the Description tab as for fields that are not required to identify knives but are useful characteristics of the knives. See the “More tab” below for room to add additional custom fields as well.
Here you see we are capturing nationality, collection, materials, colors, finish, condition, storage location, values and dates.

Knife Description Tab

Pictures Tab … Add one or more pictures and related notes for each picture. Here we see my Fort Turner Throwing Knife with its leather sheath.

Knife Pictures Tab

Receipt Tab … Enter who you acquired the item from, the date you acquired it and how much you paid for it. Include additional custom fields if you wish.

Receipt Tab

Disposition Tab … Enter who you dispositioned the knife to, the date you disposed of it and how much you were paid for it. Include additional custom fields if you wish. For many people this pretty much stays empty. However, there is provision for multiple receipts and dispositions in case you give your knife to somebody and then later they give it back to you. Stranger things have happened!

Disposition Tab

Maintenance Tab … Create and track maintenance logs.

Maintenance Tab

Events Tab … Create and track events.

Events Tab

Data Sheet Tab … Keep detailed data sheets when appropriate.

Data Sheet Tab

More Tab … Provision for even more custom fields here if you need them.

More Tab

Statistics Screen … Review summary information and detailed information for each item. Double click any line to go to the corresponding item. Click a heading to sort by that column. You can also export your data to Comma Delimited (MS Excel) and XML files from this page. This picture shows Firearms selected but knives will show knife specific fields.

Statistics Tab

Sample Report … There are many reports available. Here is an example of an inventory report with pictures.

Knife Inventory Report

Sample A&D Report … There are many reports available. Here is an example of an inventory report with pictures.

Sample A&D Report

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