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Import Data From From MyGunDB

I have been approached by several owners of My Gun DB software to see if I could help them migrate their data to NM Collector Software. After investigating this situation I discovered that there is a way to do it using .csv (Excel) formatted files. Please see the following instructions with screen captures for key steps in the process.


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Step By Step Procedure

  1. Start with a fresh copy of NM Collector Software. You can download it for free and install it on your hard drive or a removable flash drive. Make a backup so you can recover the default database in case you need to start the import process over.

  2. Since My Gun DB exports a few fields that NM Collector Sofware does not have by default, we need to add the Bluing, Barrel Length, Sights, and Manufactured fields from My Gun DB to the Description tab in NM Collector Software. Really, you can use any available field in any tab but the Description tab seems the most logical for these fields.

    Add new fields

  3. Next we will add the Accessories field to the “Notes” section of the “More” tab of NM Collector Software. Some people just add the Accessories from My Gun DB to the Notes of NM Collector Software but that will only work during the import if you combine your notes with your accessories in the spreadsheet (.csv) file.

    Add Accessories

  4. Now that we have defined the additional fields from My Gun DB that we need to import into NM Collector Software, we will export the sample data from NM Collector Software to the JE formatted .csv (Excel) file. This will give us something to work with when reformatting the exported data into the NM Collector Software expected format. The name of the exported file is JEFirearms.csv. I made a copy of this file and named it JEFirearms1.csv so that I would not lose my changes in case I had to re-export my NM Collector Software data. NOTE: Picture shows "to Android CSV" selected. Please select "to JE CSV" instead.

    NM Export to CSV

  5. Next, we will delete the sample data that comes with NM Collector Software. Since you will be importing your real data from My Gun DB you do not need the sample data.

    Remove Sample Data 1

    Remove Sample Data 2

    Remove Sample Data 3

  6. At this point, we turn our attention to the .csv (Excel) files where we will actually copy and reformat the data from My Gun DB (MyGunDBExport.csv) to NM Collector Software (JEFirearms1.csv).First, delete the sample data from JEFirearms1.csv. Now that we have our headings in our exported .csv file we no longer need the sample data.

    Import 1

    Import 2

    Import 3

  7. Then we copy data from the MyGunDBExport.csv file to JEFirearms1.csv. You can select all of the data in a column (do not include the header),

    Import 4

  8. Right click the selected cells and select “Copy” from the drop down list,

    Import 5

  9. Click in the first cell in the appropriate column of JEFirearms.csv (just below the heading) to select the cell, then right click the cell and select “Paste” to paste all of the copied My Gun DB data into the NM Collector Software import file.

    Import 6

    Import 7

  10. Repeat this process for all of the data that you want to import from My Gun DB into NM Collector Software . Due to some apparent inconsistencies with the format My Gun DB uses to export the data to .csv (Excel) some of the dates will have to be reformatted to properly import into NM Collector Software. Please see screen captures below for details.

    Repeat 1

    Repeat 2

    Repeat 3

    Repeat 4

    Repeat 5

    Repeat 6

    Repeat 7

    Repeat 8

    Repeat 9

    Repeat 10

  11. You are now ready for the final step to import your data from My Gun DB to NM Collector. Go back to NM Collector, select File > Import > From JE CSV

    Import 5

    Then select the JEFirearms1.csv that you just updated.

    Import 5

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