Collection Templates

Manage Collections Screen Capture

To import a template into your copy of NM Collector Software, please follow these steps:

  • Scroll down to the template you want and save it to your computer. The way to save it to your computer depends on your browser.  Here are some ways that I know of:
    • Internet Explorer:  Right Click the link and choose “Save Target As …”
    • Google Chrome:  Right Click the link and choose “Save Link As …”
    • Mozilla FireFox:   Right Click the link and choose “Save Link As …”
    • Safari: Right Click the link and choose “Download Linked file”
  • Use the “Manage” > “Collection Types” menu selection to open the Collection Types

menu for manage collection types

  • Click the “Import” button and browse to the newly downloaed template file.  It will be named [Collection Name]Template.nmct where [Collection Name] is the name of the collection

menu for manage collection types

  • Select the Collection Type file and click the “Open” button to bring it into your copy of NM Collector JE.

menu for manage collection types

IMPORTANT NOTE!!  Please close the Collection Types window before using your newly imported collection type.  Otherwise your new entries will not be saved!

Available Collection Types

Please let me know of any templates that you have created or would like me to create!

The latest release will have most if not all of these templates already installed.  Older releases can import them.