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NOTE: Please see Instructions (below) for new Apple M1 chip.

NM Collector Software USB

Custom 4GB USB flash drive with lifetime activation configured out of the box to run on any computer with no installation required. Lifetime activation only available from: Brownells
Activation Only – delivered via email. DOES NOT INCLUDE USB. I must charge New Mexico gross receipts tax on EVERY sale no matter what state you reside in. Please purchase from our new eCommerce store. Thank you

Instructions for Apple M1 Mac Users

NM Collector Software JE is a Java application. It contains an embedded Java so, in most cases, your computer does not have to have Java installed in order for you to run NM Collector Software. Unfortunately, the new Apple M1 chip requires a special version of Java specifically for that platform so the Java included with NM Collector Software will not work on the Apple M1 chip.

However, there is a workaround which will require Apple M1 Mac users to go through a few extra steps as follows:

  1. Download and install a version of Java that will work on your Apple M1 Mac. Here is one option that has been installed and tested by an Apple M1 Mac user. You may or may not find something better.

    • https://www.azul.com/downloads/zulu-community/?version=java-15-mts&os=macos&architecture=arm-64-bit&package=jdk

  2. Manually start NM Collector Software JE so that it will use the Java installed on your Mac rather than the Java that comes with it.

    • Open terminal window: Launchpad > terminal

    • Navigate to the proper NM Collector directory: cd /Applications/NMCollectorJE.app/Contents/Java

    • Start NM Collector using the system installed Java rather than the embedded Java: java -jar NMCollectorJE.jar

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